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G11 Atlas Copco Screw Compressor
  • G11 Atlas Copco Screw CompressorG11 Atlas Copco Screw Compressor
  • G11 Atlas Copco Screw CompressorG11 Atlas Copco Screw Compressor
  • G11 Atlas Copco Screw CompressorG11 Atlas Copco Screw Compressor

G11 Atlas Copco Screw Compressor

This G11 Atlas Copco Screw Compressor models best prices from China: 11 kW screw compressor is available as floor-mounted and tank-mounted options, with four different pressure variants, 7.5bar, 8.5bar, 10bar and 13bar. This 11 kW screw air compressor uses the most commonly used compression components and advanced control options on the market, and upgrades the availability to remote monitoring, giving you peace of mind.

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G11 Atlas Copco Screw Compressor Overview

The new Atlas G11P TM (Standard tank mounted), G11P FM (standard floor mounted), G11 FF TM  (full featured and tank mounted) will bring a new level of performance, comfort, efficiency and sustainability to your business. Atlas G11, 11 kW screw air compressor produces air FAD capacity up to 61.6 CFM. G11 is the most popular of all our G series compressors. This is our main 11 kW / 15hp screw compressor, which can provide the compressed air you need.

Atlas Copco G11 P FM, G11 P TM and G11 FF TM are Quiet and Efficient!

G11 is the quiet implementor of your operation (66 decibels). Compared with other belt systems, the more efficient V-belt drive can save 2-3% of energy. These savings will accumulate throughout the life of the machine. The G11 has a 100% duty cycle, which means you can get compressed air from this 11 kW compressor at any time.

Atlas Copco Model G11 Highlighted Features

• The latest generation of oil injection G series

• Ideal for small and medium businesses;

• quiet 68 dBA performance does not require a separate compressor space;

• Operates at ambient temperatures up to 115°F (46°C);

• top discharge makes it suitable for small spaces against walls or corners;

• Fully functional packaging with built-in refrigerant air dryer;

• Cool down the compressed air and remove moisture to prevent rusting of pipes and tools;

• Advanced BASE electronic controller;

• Icon-based, easy-to-understand pressure settings, temperature readings, service warnings and runtime display.

• Allows to set the outlet pressure directly from the controller;

• Easily monitor the outlet temperature;

• Robust and efficient belt-driven rotary compression element;

• Compared with previous models, free air delivery has increased by up to 3%;

• IP55 (TEFC) motor;

• Meets or exceeds IEEE and NEMA high-efficiency standards, adopts life-long lubricated bearings;

• The controller automatically switches between high, low and intermittent air consumption;

• Save power and improve reliability;

• Provide 53.8 CFM at 125 PSI; maximum 125 PSI

• Multifunctional: Compliant with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 1217 to ensure reliable, trouble-free air compressors

• The 120-gallon ASME air receiver has a 1/2-inch NPT air outlet;

• Easily integrates with your equipment;

• Oil and gas separator and intake filter

• Two-step separation system reduces fuel consumption and protects lubrication quality

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